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A multi-part interactive virtual handbuilding course for all levels.  This 2-hour class will meet every Tuesday from 1 to 3pm for 5 weeks, starting May 4 through June 1.

I love the intimacy of working so directly with clay, the slow pace, and the individuality of what you can make. Handbuilding is something you can do with a few tools in your kitchen or a little corner at home, and handbuilding has my heart. 

In this class we will try various techniques for creating unique pieces to use at home.  Imagine perfect bowls for sauces you love, dishes and spoons for favorite treats, a kurinuki vase just right for your table!  Sign up and learn to make them with me.

Dates: Tuesday, 1-3pm

May 4, 11, 18, 25 and June 1

Price: $125 per 5-part course 


Add-on: $15 clay kit


•  5lbs clay
•  1 piece of canvas
•  plastic sheet for covering

•  pin tool

•  soft rubber rib

Contactless pickup of clay kits must be scheduled via email after registration.  Firing fees are NOT included.  

Seats are limited, sign up today.

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