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Clean Up Instructions

Help us keep Supermud safe for everyone.  Please review the clean up instructions & video below before coming to the studio.  Also, please familiarize yourself with our new safety protocols.  

  • Wipe down your tools.

  • Wipe down your wheel head & turn off your wheel

  • Pour the clay and water from your splash pans into your bucket, and clean your splash pan.

  • Recycle your clay.

    • Arch up wet clay on the plaster bats. Try to do this as you go along; if it's dry enough, wedge and rebag the clay before you leave 

    • Transfer trimmings and small pieces of clay in your bucket into the slurry bucket. Don't pour your water into the slurry.

  • Take your bucket and sponge to the sink. REMINDER: Only ONE person at the sink at a time.

  • Empty your bucket into the catch basin in the sink. Do NOT pour clay down the sink drain.

  • Clean and rinse your bucket and sponge.

  • Fill the bucket with water and add a capful of disinfectant.

  • Wipe the faucet and sink area you have come in contact with.

  • Return to your wheel and wipe it down (wheel head, splash pan and area around it, including wheel stand). Clean your tools, and the stool you used.

  • Discard the water in your bucket in the catch basin; Rinse and wipe off your bucket.

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